Wool bedding is very easy to care for. It has a number of properties that help it keep itself clean – it’s breathable, naturally antibacterial and temperature regulating.

It’s always wise to check the specific care instructions on your product, but here’s some simple general advice to help you look after your bedding.


To clean your mattress, use a soft brush to release and remove any dust and fluff. Avoid the use of a vacuum cleaner or vigorous brushing as this can disturb the loose fillings inside the mattress.

Treat spills immediately to prevent staining. Try and stand the mattress vertically to prevent the spill from seeping into the inner fillings.

Use dry towels and compression to draw out the moisture first, then spot clean using a damp towel. Avoid the use of harsh detergents, cleaners or chemicals when cleaning to avoid bleaching the outer fabric.


To keep your wool duvet clean, allowing it to breathe and wick away moisture, it’s best to use a duvet cover made from a 100% natural fibre.

Regularly air your wool duvet to keep it fresh, hanging over a bannister or clothes rail in between bedding changes. On a sunny, breezy day, hang your duvet outside to allow the natural antibacterial properties of wool to refresh and keep your duvet in top condition.

If a deeper clean does become necessary, most wool duvets can be machine washed on a wool setting using a wool care detergent that is kind to natural fibres.

Spin dry well to release any excess water as wool that is saturated will not dry well. As with all larger duvets, where they will not fit comfortably into a domestic machine, some may need to be professionally washed and air dried.


To keep your pillow casing clean, allowing the pillow to breathe and wick away moisture, it’s best to use a pillow cover made from a 100% natural fibre.

It’s important to regularly air your pillow since your mouth and nose are in contact with it, and sleeping on a pillow results in a faster build-up of moisture than in other woollen bedding items.


Mattress Topper

Regularly turn the topper on the bed. To keep it fresh, simply hang outside to air away any moisture content that may have built up, allowing the natural antibacterial properties of wool to refresh.

Spot clean minor areas of the topper that may require attention.


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