A specialist British brand for more than 230 years, and Royal Warrant holder since 1958, Brintons continues to maintain its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality woven carpets for both residential and commercial settings.

Brintons Carpets is also British Wool’s single biggest user with the wool from 1 in 9 British sheep ending up in a Brintons carpet.

Brintons see carpet as a way to bring a space to life – from luxurious patterns to stylish plains, whether you want to make a strong statement in your living room or a stunning backdrop in your bedroom.

Creating a home that looks good is important, but home is also about feel: about relaxing; welcoming family and friends; being cosy and comfortable. A luxurious, wool-rich Brintons carpet is the perfect starting point.

Once you’ve experienced the softness and warmth that it brings, you’ll never look back.

All Brintons Carpets ranges are British Wool certified.


A selection of their British wool collection…