Exmoor Horn Wool is owned and run by the farmers of the Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeders’ Society with the purpose of promoting that particular breed of hill sheep. Using fleeces grown in the upland areas of south west England, the company produces DK handknit wool, socks, cushion covers and pullovers.

The particular strength of Exmoor Horn wool is its robust, springy and hard-wearing nature, making it eminently suitable for outdoor clothing. All processing of Exmoor Horn fleece is carried out within the UK.

The DK handknitting yarn range British Wool certified, made with 100% British wool (70% Exmoor Horn wool and 30% fine Blueface cross wool for a little extra softness in handling). The yarn names in this collection take inspiration from the landscape around Bossington, a tiny coastal hamlet on the north coast of Exmoor. The pullover range is also made with the same 100% British wool yarn.

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   A selection of our British wool collection..

DK Knitting Wool

Earth Red pullover

Dark Skies Blue pullover

Bossington Sea Mist pullover