Fred Perry launch British wool collection

What inspired your new British wool styles?

We are proud to have three knitwear pieces made using British wool for our Q4 2021 collection: the Fair Isle Jumper, the Panelled Jumper and the Cable Knit Jumper.

The Fair Isle jumper originated from a tiny island of the same name, just north of Scotland. One of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world, its tough winters made warm, hardwearing clothing a must for its residents. The Fair Isle pattern is a complex design created skilfully by weaving numerous coloured strands into a distinctive design. The tradition remained a local secret until the 1920s. Made in a new, state of the art factory in Haringey, North London, our Fair Isle jumper has a contemporary finish and bold patterned design.

Made in a new, state of the art factory in Haringey, North London, our Panelled Jumper has a contemporary, elevated finish. Designed with tonal panelling and a raised seam detail, the artisan feel of the jumper takes inspiration from DIY repair and cherished items, passed down through generations.

Our Cable Knit Jumper is a chunky adaptation of our original tennis jumper. Before becoming a smart staple of the British subcultural uniform, our classic V-neck jumper was originally designed for warming up on the tennis court. The perfect frame for the collar and button placket of a shirt, the V-neck was also worn as a statement of classroom rebellion. Like their older siblings, the kids wore the Laurel Wreath to bend the rules, without breaking them.