Naturally British

“Little Beau Sheep came about in the most unlikely way. At the time, I was a mum of two little girls living in a small flat with no garden. So I was reliant on a tumble dryer to get a quick turnaround on all that babywear.

To speed things up, I’m now ashamed to say I bought plastic tumble dryer balls. The noise was unbearable, however, and they soon showed signs of damage. Plus, I really didn’t want to add to the world’s plastic woes.

I was taking a course in felting at the time and looked to nature for inspiration. Being in the Dales, sheep became my muse. I already knew about the softening power of lanolin as I’d used it on my babies’ skin. The penny dropped and my felted sheep took their first silent fluffy tumble in the dryer.


With support in the early days from my wonderful local Women’s Institute I was soon up and running. Activity centred around my own little Etsy shop supported with stalls at everything from school fairs to farmers’ markets. It seemed folk had a soft spot for sheep. Which encouraged me to extend the range from dryer balls to laundry and skin care products.

The beating heart of Little Beau Sheep is my clever and crafty mums’ army of makers and doers. Together we create by hand the woolly dryer balls that are still a firm favourite with customers around the globe. Sisters are doing it for themselves!”

A selection from our British wool collection…

Sheep Soap

Sheep Dryer Balls