Quality Yorkshire flat caps

“We are a British company that supports British rural communities. We design and manufacture quality flat caps right here in Yorkshire using British woollen fabrics, materials and local labour.

We are Jason from Bradford and Howard from the historic town of Ilkley. Both locations are in the heart of Yorkshire and have been involved in the wool industry for many centuries.

Sadly, much of the wool processing industry has moved overseas. However, we still have many farmers that sell their wool at an un-economic price.


Tired of hearing “They should do something about it”? Often spoken by people who were not prepared to do anything about it themselves, we decided to do something to help.

We use new ideas and small quantities of specialist fabrics whilst ensuring traditional skills are used to produce our unique range of caps. This allows our customers to stand out from the crowd in a way that is both unique and discreet. By doing so we all help local rural communities.”


A selection from our British wool collection…

The Bunker
The Game Keeper
The Trap
The Green