Natural fibres & inspiring design

“Established in 1978, Rowan pride themselves on staying one step ahead of the sartorial curve with their truly ewe-nique range of beautiful knitting wool & yarn, with an emphasis on organic, natural fibres. Now, that’s our kind of brand.

Rowan is closely intertwined in our British heritage. The company itself has only been creating its range of knitting wools since the late ‘70s, but it has only taken Rowan a few decades to become a truly iconic brand that’s used extensively by even the most experienced of knitters.

Rowan yarn is definitely different from the rest. There’s nothing

tame or run-of-the-mill about this range. Its manufacturers pride themselves on their exciting, innovative designs, and they are always adding new knitting wools to their collection. Rowan knitting wool appeals to hobbyists (and professionals, of course) who want to expand their skillset and try trickier, more intriguing patterns with yarns that are at the forefront of innovation. Rowan’s Felted Tweed, Denim Lace, Brushed Fleece and Soffili Yak wools are sure to add a fresh edge to your creations, regardless of whether you want to create warm and comfortable clothing or quirkier knitted accessories for your home.”