Grown, Made, Loved

Sustainable British Knitwear

We’ve always loved knitwear, for us it’s where fashion really meets art. Wool itself is to us, yarn made of magic from the earth! We never intended to have a knitwear brand but when we found out about the wool crisis in the UK whereby the UK has become such a nation of importing wool or using man-made fibres – it broke our hearts.

Our main focus with Yan Tan is to raise demand and in turn the price of British Wool for the farmers, but we also can’t stand waste or unwanted product, so we operate in low batches to avoid leftover yarn.

British wool is known for its durability as a renewable and recyclable fibre source, and we have access to it in abundance in the UK. It seems silly not to use it and to protect our British heritage!

We are friends of 15 years, now side hustling to make our dream a reality. Knitwear has always been a passion that hopefully can now become part of our careers!

Co-founder, Jules Von Hep, is known for his social media presence and his global self-tan brand The Isle of Paradise. Jules has sheep farming in his DNA with his grandparents being sheep farmers in the Yorkshire Dales. Jules founded the brand with a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

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