• Bedding


    Wool beds and bedding are durable and also offer many health benefits, proven to help you sleep better and longer.
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  • Dog Beds

    Give your dog a real treat with a British wool dog bedding. Not only does wool help regulate your dog's temperature, by helping keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. The beds from The Red Dog Company will also stand the test of time and look amazing.
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  • Insulation

    Wool insulation is a cost-effective, flexible and safe option for insulating homes and buildings. Provides a range of superior benefits and designed to meet the highest demands of traditional and modern construction.
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  • Rugs

    British wool is a material of many natural talents. Strong and durable whilst  also provides excellent sound absorption, and versatile to use throughout the home. A wool rug removes dust within the surface, helping the air in your home to feel fresher. It also regulates a room’s humidity and has a low pH value, preventing mould, fungi and mites. We have a selection of 100% and blend British wool rug from Agnella and Adam Curtis Online, which will suit any home and any room.
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  • Throws & Blankets

    A really versatile option whether for the perfect night snuggled on the sofa, or summer picnics. British wool offers the best option due to its superior performance and durability.
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