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Choosing Wool over Fast-Fashion

‘British shoppers’ addiction to new clothes is putting the future of the planet at risk.’


As a nation, British shoppers buy more new clothes than any nation in Europe. With people buying twice as many items of clothing as they did a decade ago.

‘Fast Fashion’ has dramatically increased the effect of plastic pollution. As cheap synthetic clothes are dumped into landfill. Figures show that 3 in 5 items end in landfill or incinerators within a year. While the wildlife in our rivers and seas are getting a mouthful of the synthetic fibres, as fibres get dislodged in the wash.

The Government Environmental Audit Committee recently announced plans to work closely with major fashion chains. In order to reduce plastic waste and encourage recycling. And are calling on the fashion industry to create a demand for longer life garments, along with a ban on dumping clothes in landfill. As a result, these are two key actions could see the increase in using natural fibres, like wool.

So why is wool a better choice?

Wool is recyclable

Products made out of synthetic fibres can take up to 40 years to degrade. While wool degrades in a fraction of that time. This is because wool is made of keratin. A natural protein similar to the protein that makes up human hair. Keratin can broke down naturally without causing an environmental hazard.

Wool will also reduce waste to landfill as it decomposes in soil in a matter of months or years. And slowly releasing valuable nutrients back into the earth.

Wool lasts longer

This incredibly complex natural fibre, providing many attributes that plastic fibres just can’t match. Its natural crimp and elasticity endures constant wear and compression. And resists crushing and matting, helping it withstand continuous wear.

Wool needs less washing

Wool naturally absorbs moisture when the atmosphere is damp. Only releasing it when the atmosphere is dry. Which means that wool requires less frequent washing and prolongs the lifetime of garments. Simply airing often, can help to refresh woollen garments. So hanging them outside on a dry day for a couple of hours, instead.

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Choosing wool can help combat our 'addiction' to plastic fibres
Wool is 100% natural, renewable and sustainable