Traceability and the provenance of products are becoming increasingly important

To meet this growing demand British Wool are launching a new 100% traceable wool scheme that traces the origin of the wool from the farm gate to the shop floor.

Our scheme allows consumers to fully understand where the wool in the products they are purchasing is from.

All from British Farms

All wool handled by British Wool comes from British farms, we do not grade and sell wool from anywhere else so all wool can be traced to British farms,

Regional Traceability

British Wool have eight Grading Depots across the UK. All of the wool sold can be traced back to a specific Depot to give a regional traceability.

Individuals Farms

We can offer farm traceability to any of the 35,000 farms we receive wool from. Helping to connect our sheep farmers to the brands and consumers to give fully transparency to the production of British woo products.