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Get Through the Menopause: Top Life Lessons according to women over 50

New research has revealed the 30 pearls of wisdom. That over fifties women in the UK want to share with the younger generation.

And top of the list was making time for yourself (59%). Followed by not trying to be perfect – because it doesn’t exist (57%).

British women aged fifty plus also admit that they wish they could go back in time to tell their younger selves to look after their teeth (49%). Not to compare themselves to others (48%), to love themselves (47%) and that life is too short not to eat carbs (27%).

Also to make the list were to appreciate the small things in life (46%), trust your gut instinct (44%), to grow old gracefully (43%) and the menopause is tough, but you’ll get through it (36%).

In Bed With The Menopause

The research, conducted by British Wool to mark its “In Bed With The Menopause” campaign, found that 64% of women didn’t know the menopause could affect sleep until going through it.

The research also took a wider look at the effects of the menopause. While 63% said they were happy to no longer have periods, one in two (53%) struggled to deal with the symptoms.

These included hot flushes (68%), night sweats (62%), difficulty sleeping (58%) and experiencing a low mood or anxiety (53%).

Almost a third (32%) said a lack of sleep, caused by the menopause, has been a huge problem, making them feel exhausted all the time.

Yet while 46% tried sleeping with the window open, 36% bought a lavender pillow spray and 35% slept naked. 8 in 10 (81%) had NO idea that using wool duvets, pillows, toppers, mattresses and blankets can help regulate the body’s changing temperature, and therefore help with sleep.

Using Wool Bedding

Julia Robinson, Head of Sleep at British Wool, which conducted the research, said.

“Our research reveals the most important life lessons according to British women over fifty. From looking after your teeth to growing old gracefully and remembering that although the menopause is tough, you will get through. 

“When it comes to the menopause. Many women still suffer in silence and often result to extreme measures to deal with the symptoms – particularly in relation to quality of sleep. Making small changes, like using wool bedding, can help to aid menopause-related night sweats and hot flushes as wool helps regulate your body temperature. The wool fibres breathe naturally, absorbing moisture from the atmosphere and then releasing it when it’s drier, resulting in better and longer sleep.” 


The research also reveals that 4 in 10 women over fifty (43%) would also advise younger females not to lose touch with old friends, even when life gets busy.

And they also said that a relationship takes work (41%). Don’t stay in a job you hate (40%) and try not to be a slave to the scales (40%).

The research also found that 36% of the women polled say they are more comfortable in their own skin since turning fifty.

And that’s not all, as more than half (55%) believe that fifty is the new thirty, according to the data.

In fact, when women look back at their lives. They feel that the age they felt their happiest, sexiest and healthiest wasn’t at 21 or 30, it was at age 52.

Sleep wasn’t the only symptom plaguing women. 1 in 2 had difficulty with memory and concentration and 39% struggled with a reduced sex drive.

In fact almost a fifth (19%) of the 1,000 females over fifties polled said they felt depressed.

#MakeMenopauseMatter campaign

Diane Danzebrink, founder of the not-for-profit community interest company, Menopause Support, home of the national #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign, commented.

“Everyone in the UK will be affected by symptoms of the menopause at some point in their life, whether that’s directly or indirectly.

“Research like British Wool’s is so important to ensure better menopause education, information, guidance, and support is available to those experiencing it.

“There are over thirty psychological, cognitive, and physical menopause symptoms, many of which can be debilitating for some. We must educate ourselves and each other to ensure that those experiencing menopause don’t feel alone.”



1. Make time for the things you enjoy 59%
2. Stop trying to be “perfect”, it doesn’t exist 57%
3. Look after your teeth 49%
4. Don’t compare yourself to others 48%
5. Learn to love yourself 47%
6. Appreciate the little things in life 46%
7. Always trust your gut instinct 44%
8. Grow old gracefully 43%
9. Stay in touch with old friends 43%
10. A relationship takes work 41%
11. Don’t stay in a job you hate 40%
12. Don’t be a slave to the scales 40%
13. Enjoy your kids while they’re still at home 38%
14. You will get through the menopause 36%
15. Nothing is as bad as it seems 35%
16. Travel the world 34%
17. Be financially independent 34%
18. Always wear sun lotion 33%
19. Marry for love 32%
20. Never stop reading 31%
21. Life’s too short not to eat carbs 27%
22. Make time for your girlfriends 27%
23. Pain heals with time 24%
24. You can live with hot flashes 21%
25. Retirement is one of the best stages of life 17%


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