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New Tartan Collection joins the Quirky clan

Fresh from Alternative’s competition with The Glasgow School of Art is a winning tartan by Sophie Anne Campbell.

Her youthful spin on this classic formed the springboard for a new modern tartan that is part of the Quirky collection of patterned carpet, rugs, and runners. Sophie enjoyed bringing colour and a more contemporary look to her design and seeing the craftsmanship that goes into making the carpet.

She says,

“I think it appropriate to appreciate how woven techniques are used to create these modern-day tartans. During the generations of mass textile production, it is important to step back and admire the trade in action.”

Quirky Tartan is now available in six colourways from the vibrant to the heathery and natural.

The names are inspired by Scottish poet Robert Burns;

Red Red Rose
To a Mouse
Silver Tassie
Mountain Daisy
Gallant Weaver
Tam O’Shanter

Price £120.65 per sqm. Composition: 80% British wool & 20% Nylon.

This new tartan celebrates British made and nurtures British talent. It proudly has the British wool Shepherd’s Crook logo and certification and champions wool as a wonder natural fibre and sustainable textile.

“Wool is sustainable, and it works in a circular economy. It’s very satisfying to work with an ethical material and not feel that I’m doing damage to the environment in any way.”


We ask Sophie a few questions about her designs and why using British wool was so important.

What was the inspiration behind your entry?

Being a Campbell and coming from the highlands tartan is a design I’ve grown up with. I’ve been living in Glasgow for four years and decided to use my surroundings as inspiration for the competition.

Because it was during lockdown, I couldn’t get out much. So I walked around my neighbourhood (Great Western Road) as if I were a tourist, taking photos and looking at the city from a different perspective. I made a note of geometric shapes, different textures and colours and wove all those influences into my tartan design using six bright colours. I am quite a ‘maximalist’, so I found it natural to come up with a tartan which was cheerful and colourful with lots going on.

As a textile student, what attracts you to wool?

Wool is sustainable, and it works in a circular economy. It’s very satisfying to work with an ethical material and not feel that I’m doing damage to the environment in any way.

Both my grannies are great knitters. I grew up wearing those scratchy woollen sweaters they knitted for us and feel great fondness for those clothes. My grannies are so proud to hear that I’m working with wool to create a new tartan.


Planet is one of Alternative’s brand pillars. Every sample delivered involves carbon emission. That’s why through its pioneering partnership with Ecologi, Alternative aims to plant a tree for every sample order placed online. Over 10,000 trees have been planted.

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