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Channel Jumper was born in the islands’ seafaring communities. Established in 1976, Channel Jumper was started as a Cottage Industry with the intention to revive the Alderney sweater which had not been seen since WWI and to establish a knitting industry on the island

Traditional Guernsey sweaters were knitted by women of the fishing and farming families of the islands, when many earned their living from the sea or the land.

The distinctive pattern was handed down from generation to generation and the knitting skill.

The traditional Guernsey sweater has always been made from the best English worsted wool since the 16th century, when

licenses were granted by the crown to import wool from England

Today, Channel Jumper are operating as a knitting centreĀ on the island, using modern machines and applying traditional techniques to produce a range of different designs, many of which are unique to them.

All Channel Jumpers are British Wool certified, made from 100% British wool.

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A selection of our British wool collection…

The Alderney Jumper

Dark Navy Burhou – Traditional Guernsey

Burgundy red – The Alderney

Oatmeal Burhou – Traditional Guernsey