The original guernsey from Guernsey

 hand-finished by knitters working in their own homes

The only authentic guernsey to be hand finished on the island of Guernsey by artisan knitters. A beautifully practical sweater that’s made to last, is easily repairable and is of a timeless design that we all know and love as the original fisherman’s jumper.

The idea for Le Tricoteur came to Robert on a trip to USA in 1963, organised by the student’s union of Trinity College Dublin, where he was an undergraduate. His hand-knitted guernsey was much admired by his American hosts.

A year later he purchased a 40-year-old hand knitting machine equipped with a power drive and installed it in an old cobbler’s shop at 5 Lower Vauvert, St Peter Port.There was one employee and six hand knitters all working from home.


Sending guernseys all over the world – but back then nearly all went to the UK.  Shops in the neighbouring islands of Jersey, Alderney, Sark and Herm were also supplied.

Transport to the other islands was fast, cheap and efficient. Aurigny was used to get the goods to Jersey and Alderney & the passenger ferries to deliver to Sark and Herm.

At a guess at least half of the production was sold in the Channel Islands, which is extraordinary when you think of the number of guernseys being made at that time (around 100,000 a year!)