The British Wool shop is a showcase of the very best of our partners products. Every purchase from this site means a bit extra goes back to supporting our British farmers.


  • Craft

    British wool is a superior, natural fibre. It can be used in a wide range of craft activities. Thanks to a special combination of bulk, resilience, softness and texture.
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  • Home

    British wool is truly one of the most versatile fibres. And can be used in a broad range of products for the home. So whether you want to ensure the best nights sleep with a stunning wool duvet. Add a cosy wool throw to your sofa. Or to insulate your home with an environmentally friendly option to fibreglass. There is sure to be something to meet your needs.
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  • Men

    A stylish and attractive addition to any man's wardrobe a British wool garment not only looks great but will last for years. From a stylish jumper to a hat or scarf for the winter months. Our collection is sure to suit all occasions and styles.
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  • Novelty

    Why not treat yourself to one of our breed books, crammed with interesting information about the history of the wool industry and also detail on all of the many breeds we rear in the UK, a must-read for anyone interested in agriculture.
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  • Women

    British wool offers a versatile range of products for women with more discernable tastes. Whether it be a pair of stunning wool-lined boots, an attractive wool jumper or a lovely scarf for the winter months the range is sure to offer something for everyone.
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