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The Chatsworth Collection

Woolroom, the UK’s leading wool bedding retailer, announces their exclusive partnership with Chatsworth House, home to the Devonshire family. Launching the ‘Chatsworth Collection by Woolroom’. With a stunning range of wool duvets, pillows, mattress protectors, toppers and cushion pads.

Wool used in the bedding collection has been exclusively sourced from the Chatsworth Estate.

This beautiful landmark in the English countryside is home to flocks of downs type sheep. Which graze openly across the estate and produces the best wool type for the finest luxury wool bedding.

Exclusively Sourced from Chatsworth Estate

Chatsworth’s wool is part of Woolroom’s Wool ID® traceable wool programme. And supports the retailer’s aim to obtain the very best wool from farms across the UK with full origin transparency.

Customers can use a QR code on every Chatsworth Collection product to trace the wool used in their bedding, back to exact flock on the Chatsworth Estate. A first in the bedding industry.

David Howlett, the Farm Manager on the Chatsworth Estate comments.

“As farm manager here on the Chatsworth Estate for over 8 years. I know just how incredible the wool from our 2500 -strong flock of beautiful sheep. Who graze openly in parkland across the estate is. The downs-type fleece is perfect to use in bedding due to the length and thickness of the wool fibres. We’re really pleased to be working with Chris and the team at Woolroom on this new Chatsworth collection wool bedding.”

The range starts from £69.99, with items sold as sets or individually.

Duvets are available in light, medium, warm and all seasons’ warmth and weights, and come in five different sizes. Mattress protectors are either standard or extra deep and toppers come in eight different sizes. Cushion pads/fillers are also available as part of the collection.

Pillows available in standard and king-size. With extra wool in a natural calico bag is available to buy to either refresh an existing pillow or to add further filling on a new pillow as they are fully adjustable.

The Benefits of Wool Bedding

The collection features all the very best benefits of Woolroom bedding in delivering 25% deeper, more regenerative sleep than any other fibre type. Also temperature regulating, naturally hypoallergenic, machine washable and proven to deliver the very best, natural night sleep.

To ensure consumers have full confidence in their purchase. Any individual bedding item, you will receive a 30 Night Sleep Trial. And for bedding sets, you will receive a 60 Night Sleep Trial.

Chris Tattersall, Sleep Expert and Managing Director at Woolroom comments.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Chatsworth. I am a great admirer of this beautiful location in Derbyshire. And incredibly proud to be using their high-quality wool as part of this new collection. With our Wool ID® traceable programme, it gives consumers to ability to trace back to the exact source. And ultimately help achieve the perfect night’s clean sleep by choosing wool over other bedding fibres”