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Partnership in Innovation and Creativity – West Yorkshire Spinners

“Through the British Wool licensing scheme, we are assured of responsibly sourced fleece, from the field to our mill”


West Yorkshire Spinners have been a part of our licensing scheme for many years. They are strong supporter of British Wool and the use of the very best of what our Sheep Farmers produce. West Yorkshire Spinners have become a firm favourite in the hand knitting community, and are widely available in independent craft and yarn shops up and down the country.

We ask the team at West Yorkshire Spinners a few questions to learn more about this amazing British company.

Tell us the story of how your business started

West Yorkshire Spinners has been commission spinning British Wool in the UK since 1997. Since the brand’s inception in 2012, we have been carefully building our range of innovative products to excite and enthuse our customers. Regularly launching new collections and collaborations with designers and artists.

What inspires your brand and design processes?

Our materials inspire everything we do. Each collection has its own story and crafted carefully around each fibre and blend. This extends through to our colour palettes and pattern designs.

For example, our Fleece range is a collection of breed-specific yarns. Showcasing natural undyed shades and palettes of beautiful rich tonal hues, each of which depict the depth and captivating colours of the countryside that surround us here in the heart of Yorkshire. And supported by a range of modern knitting patterns. Therefore showing the diversity and versatility of British Wool. From classic homewares to fashionable ladies’ knitwear and casual knits for all the family.

The machines in the factory are specially adapted to produce most fibres including 100% wool and wool blends, including British sheep breeds:

  • Bluefaced Leicester
  • Shetland
  • Wensleydale
  • Clun Forest
Why did you choose to use British wool in your products?

Our master craftspeople have a longstanding love and knowledge of British wool, understanding the unique breeds and how to blend fibres to produce the finest yarns. Further more, we pride ourselves on our process, our craft, and our attention to detail. We are passionate about keeping this heritage skill set and manufacturing alive in the UK.

It is our continued mission to raise awareness of the many qualities of natural fibres at a time when sustainability and caring for our planet has become more important than ever. By using British wool, our crafters understand the origin of their yarns and can buy with confidence.

What do you value the most when using British wool?

Wool is one of our greatest natural resources and it is invaluable to know where our raw materials come from. Through the British Wool licensing scheme, we are assured of responsibly sourced fleece, from the field to our mill. This quality supply chain supports the hard-working farmers in British agriculture, who maintain high standards of animal welfare across the UK.

Who are the people behind you brand?

We are a family-run and owned business with generations of experience and know-how. We have a fantastic team behind the brand at West Yorkshire Spinners and everyone is valued for their contribution. From our master craftspeople working in the mill to our experienced salespeople who know and love the products.

What is the dream and where will your journey take you next?

We are always looking forward and investing in new ways of spinning, as well as being creative and innovative with our printing and dyeing techniques. We love supporting our classic yarns and pushing the boundaries to bring exciting collaborations to the world of yarn. Also, we love to inspire and excite our crafters, whilst promoting the many wonderful qualities of British wool. Follow our social channels to see our journey!

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