Good Life Guarantee

House of Sustainability knitwear is designed and made in our ethical, family-owned factory in the heart of the UK. Each piece is knitted from the finest, natural sustainable yarns with zero waste, to minimise environmental impact and make our planet cleaner for future generations. Made in England since 1987

Why we started this journey

Growing up surrounded by traditional factory practices, second generation luxury knitwear factory owner, Snahal, passionately understood the need to adopt better ways of working in order to contribute to lessening the fashion industry’s negative global and social impact.

Also, at a time where our home city of Leicester has had a lot of bad press surrounding some of its garment factories, House of Sustainability hopes to shift the focus to a majority of the wonderful factories in Leicester, like our own, where workers are highly valued, treated well and paid well.

Sustainability is second nature

From our materials to our design process, House of Sustainability has always been committed to designing and making for longevity. Our beautifully crafted, high-quality jumpers are made to last and will biodegrade naturally when they finally reach the end of their life.

Our knitwear is made from the best in natural, organic and recycled yarns, all sourced the finest mills in the UK and abroad.

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